Quality & Environmental Activities

Quality Policy

We strive to improve our technology and quality and to deliver reliable products and service to our customers.

1. We create new markets and possibilities.

2. We constantly contrive new methods and challenges.

3. We continue to create innovative products.

4. We continuously improve Quality Management System as well as review for effectiveness.

Environmental Policy

Shinko Technos aims to be a corporation that creates environmentally friendly and
high quality products.

1. We promote the development, manufacturing and sale of environmentally friendly products and goods.

We promote both innovative materials and energy saving practices.

3. We control the discharge of waste materials and work toward cost reduction.
4. We promote the development, manufacturing and sale of high quality products and goods.
5. We comply with the requirements of environmental regulations, rules and arrangements of both national and local public entities.

We pursue environmental protection by continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System.

April 1, 2018
Hironori Kitagawa, President

Applicable organization
Applies to all employees at headquarters of Shinko Technos Co., Ltd. 

Applicable business 
Applies to all products, goods and services that Shinko Technos Co., Ltd. delivers to customers. 

Applicable site 
Company name: Shinko Technos Co., Ltd. 
Head office address: 2-5-1, Senbahigashi, Minoo, Osaka, Japan