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Paperless Recorder


Large 5.7" display!
Recording data can be easily read on a large 5.7" display.
GR200_Large indication on a 5.7" display

Various displays via one-touch key operation
Using the [DISP] key, displays such as Trend, Bar graph, Analog, Digital, Event summary, etc. can be toggled.

GR200_Trend_display(Horizontal) GR200_Trend_display(Vertical)
Trend display (Horizontal) Trend display (Vertical)
GR200_Bar_graph_display GR200_Analog_meter_display
Bar graph display Analog meter display
Digital display

Easy operation

Settings and changes to each value can be easily carried out.

Input setting example
1. Parameter setting display
2. Input setting display
3. Range setting display

Large capacity recording CF (compact flash) card

Using a 1GB CF card, data can be recorded for 6 years. (Using a 30sec recording cycle in the case of 9-point recording)


Memory management and setting software included.

Parameter Loader and Data Viewer software are included.

Parameter Loader (Values settings/changes can be carried out.)
Data Viewer (Data saved in the CF card can be viewed on a PC.)

Standard 9-points (Max. 18-points) multi-range input

Standard 9-points (Max. 18-points) multi-range input

Thermocouple K, E, J, T, R, S, B, N, W, Fe-CuNi, Cu-CuNi, Platinel
RTD JPt100, Pt100
DC voltage +50mV, +500mV, +5V
DC current 10 shunt resistor(sold separately) must be connected externally.

DI, DO, communication functions and options

The following options are provided.
Ethernet functions include Web, FTP, E-mail, Modbus-TCP.

Option code Contents
DI 5-points (no-voltage contact input)
DO(10) 10-points (1a, contact output)
DO(18) 18-points (open collector output)
C5 Communication RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
E-net Ethernet

Functions such as Web, FTP, E-mail can be used via Ethernet.

Web functionality
Measured values and event information can be viewed via Internet Explorer.
GR200_Web function
FTP function
Copying, deleting or name change of the file saved in the memory card can be carried out via Internet Explorer.
GR200_FTP function
E-mail function
E-mail can be sent via the same LAN or a mail server in the same LAN.
GR200_E-mail function

[Sending contents]
-Sentences (32-characters as 1 set x 2)
-Digital value of the measured value
-Name of sender and time

[Sending occurs when]
The following can be sent when any event occurs.
-Alarm occurrence/cancellation
-Fixed cycle (every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24 hours)
-If the recorder is in alarm status (Battery dead, memory card full, etc.)

No extra software necessary
A communication program is not needed, compared to Serial communication (RS-485).
Easy connection via a LAN cable.
Ethernet RS485
Connection GR200_Ethernet GR200_RS-485
Software -Internet Explorer
-Loader software (standard)
-Viewer software (standard): Used for trend display after file copying

Operational software has to be created by users.

Light, Compact and portable unit also available

160 x 144 x 185mm (W x H x D)
Approx, 1.5kg (panel mounting), approx. 1.9kg (portable)

Advantages of using the paperless recorder

-Your PV can easily manage recorded data.
It is easy to store recording data and create reports.
Recording data can be managed using a spreadsheet application like Excel , etc.

-Running costs reduced
Consumables such as chart paper and inks are not necessary; more streamlined operation; save time and money.

-No malfunctions due to operational abrasion
Malfunctions due to abrasion are a thing of the past as motors, gears, etc. which are required for chart paper recorders are no longer necessary.

-Record more for longer
Using a 1GB CF card, data can be recorded for 6 years. (Using a 30sec recording cycle in the case of 9-point recording)

-Multi-point recording
9-point, 18-point available

Actions when power failure occurs

-If power failure occurs during recording, what will the data status be?
During recording, data will be stored in the internal memory of the recorder, and kept in the CF card in a constant cycle.
The recording cycle from internal memory to CF card can be set randomly, however, be aware that any data being recorded will be lost if there is a power failure.

-After power restoration...
The recording will resume at the status prior to the power failure.

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