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Digital Indicating Controller
-Compact, space saving
-11-segment LCD display
-A more easily viewable display
, PV color switchable
-Standard console connector equipped
-Output rate-of-change (standard)
-Multi-input, High-speed sampling
-Multiple options
Set value memory external selection
Serial communication
Heater burnout alarm output
Heating/Cooling control output


Compact, Space saving
48 x 48 x 62mm (W x H x D)
With panel interiors of 56mm, space is saved in the control panel area.
When a gasket (Drip-proof/Dust-proof, IP66) is used, the depth will be 54.5mm.

11-segment LCD adapted
A much easier to read 11-segment LCD is used..
     (Note) All segments are backlit for purposes of explanation.
Actual indication is different from the one above.

Indication examples
Input type selection [SENS] Alarm 1 Energized/De-energized selection [A1LM]
ACS-13A_display_Input ACS-13A_display_Alarm1

Alphabetical characters
Alphabet A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


An easier viewing display, PV color switchable
The PV display color can be selected from red, green and orange.
The PV display color can also change continuously depending on deviation between PV and SV, which allows easy and distinct checking of control status.

ACS-13A_PV_colorHys: Set point of PV color range

    PV is lower than SV-Hys     PV is within SVHys     PV is higher than SV+Hys
ACS-13A_PV_orange ACS-13A_PV_green ACS-13A_PV_red

Console connector equipped (standard)
By connecting to a PC via USB port, various settings and monitoring can be conducted using the Console software (SWS-ACS01M).
USB communication cable (CMA)

Console software (SWS-ACS01M)


Output rate-of-change function (standard)
This is suitable for heaters which are not designed for sudden changes in output and for controlling heaters such as the Kanthal Super.

Multi-input, High-speed sampling
18 types of input such as thermocouple (10 types), RTD (2 types), DC current (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types) are available.
The ACS-13A can perform temperature control for various machines such as injection molders, extruders, packagers, bag makers, dryers and electric furnaces.
A fast 0.25 second sampling period allows application to various processes.

IP66 structure (for the front panel) allows usage in harsh environments where the controller is exposed to water or dust.

Multiple options

<Set value memory external selection>
SV1 to SV4 can be selected by external contact.
Control output OUT/OFF function or Auto/Manual control function is selectable.

<Serial communication>
Shinko protocol, Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU can be used.

<Heater burnout alarm output>
Single phase or 3-phase heater burnout or deterioration can be detected.
For 3-phase, 2 pieces of CT are connected.

<Heating/Cooling control output>
One cooling action is selectable from: Air cooling (linear characteristic), oil cooling (1.5th power of the linear characteristic), water cooling (2nd power of the linear characteristic).

For cooling output type, relay contact or non-contact voltage output is usable.



External dimensions (Scale: mm)
(*) When a terminal cover (sold separately) is used.

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